The museums of the Lagorai Mining Park


Casa del Porfido Albiano - museo del porfido trentino
A visit to Casa Porfido is an immersion in a unique world of history and tradition: the world of the Trentina stone used to adorn houses and pave streets and squares all over the world.
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Museo delle Miniere di Vignola
To take you into a world you've only imagined, we're reconstructed a mine, exactly as it was seen by our miners until the 1960s when mining was discontinued. A time when the abandoned mines began to close in on themselves, to rest and remember.
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Museo Minerario Palù Pèrgmandlhau
The Mocheni or Bersntol Valley (Valle del Fersina) is a wild, magical patch of land. Its inhabitants are originally German, and they still preserve, study and protect their language, culture and traditions.
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Museo Pietra Viva Sant’Orsola
This magical place goes beyond any touchstone, as the saying goes. In the old days, a touchstone was a stone used to test the purity of gold by rubbing against it. Here the minerals are really brought alive by the passion and dedication of twins Mario and Lino Pallaoro.
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Sito Archeologico Acqua Fredda Redebus
The actions of humans and the earth, locked in eternal combat in a trick of mirrors between evolution and destruction. Perhaps even more than miners, metallurgists desecrated the mountains because their kilns needed whole hillsides of wood to reach the 1200 centigrade necessary to extract the minerals.
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