Welcome to the Parco Miniere Lagorai

These rocks are veritable treasure chests, hiding secrets and memories. Lying silent for centuries to then, suddenly, as if by magic, start to talk. The land has brought forth the tales of men and women who have dug deep to earn their daily bread. Miners, metallurgists and alchemists coming often from faraway lands to bring minerals and crystals to the light of the sun. But this then stopped, as everything has its time. From their sweat and blood the Geo-park was born.

The Parco Miniere Lagorai represents a network of the geo-sites and museums of the area, tracing a route along the history of the entire Valley.
Each site, each museum represents an era. From the Bronze Age to the present.

You will discover cadini and canope, vertical and horizontal tunnels, digging down towards the centre of the earth, caves and paths; you can follow the veins of argentiferous galena and sample tasty ancient and traditional dishes.
Themed routes for young and old alike, workshops, historical re-enactments, shows and unforgettable walks both above and below the earth’s surface. Light and dark, memory and future. Art, culture and nature. Take this trip with us, imagine our history. In it you will find traces of your own. Collective memory and eco-sustainable tourism for an adventure that takes you to extraordinary beauty.


Klaus and Walter

These are our pet names for them... They are the new wardens of the Canopi Park at Pergine Valsugana. There was once an old tree, who grew fond of the children who spent their days here.

Winter mines

The two-day Minerals Exhibition in Levico, organised by the Gruppo Mineralogico Scopoli di Trento and the Parco Minerario Alta Valsugana e Bersntol last weekend concluded with a friendly group photo.

What would Minosse say?

Mario Pallaoro continues to surprise us. Just outside the Museo Pietra Viva in Sant’Orsola, next to the cycle-path along the Fersina, just another reason to lose yourselves in nature and history. Created for children, also available for adults.

Our future is in the network

They have been telling us for years and we are now, nearly, convinced that the future lies in networking. It is true, but we believe that this network every so often needs to be strained or, to be completely honest, broken. This way, leaving the network becomes an opportunity for everyone.


The Councils of the Parco Miniere Lagorai

An ambitious, community project: the PML involves around twenty Trentino councils, along with the city of Trento and the communities of the Alta Valsugana-Bersntol and Cembra. Together to valorise a land and its thousands-year-old mining history.


le Porte del Parco


1. S Perkmandlhaus/Museo Minerario - Palù del Fersina/Gamoa’ va Palai En Bersntol

Where does the Mine gnome live? Enter his home, the S Pèrgmandlhaus museum, and learn about the history of miners from the Tyrol, who for centuries have extracted copper from the mountains, and their relationship with the local population.


2. Gruab va Hardimbl - Miniera museo

In the Valle dei Mocheni or Bersntol (Valle del Fersina) the signs of mining activity of the 1500s are permanently etched in the landscape and in the collective imagination of the Valley.


3. Area archeologica Montesei di Serso

Trentino has always been a land of frontiers and of alternating different populations. The ancient tribes of the Reti have left traces of prehistoric human presence in the Trentino area probably as early as the end of the III millennium BC


4. Area archeologica Acqua Fredda

At 1440 metres above sea level between the Pinè Plateau and the Valle dei Mocheni the Porta del Parco is always open. Discovered in 1979, it is one of the highest archaeological areas in Europe and it is considered one of the most important prehistoric foundries in the Alps.


5. Parco minerario di Calceranica

This Gate opens directly onto the entrance of the majestic pyrite mine which was active until 1964. The main gallery, with the sweet-sounding name Leyla, was once used for transporting the extracted material to the surface.


6. Museo delle Miniere di Vignola

Visitors can live what they could only have imagined in the recreation of a mine exactly as our miners saw it until the 1960s when extraction ended; when the abandoned mines became silent, began processing their memories and rest.


7. Museo Pietra Viva - S. Orsola Terme

The passion and dedication of twins Lino and Mario Pallaoro, treasure hunters, collectors, explorers, and mineral experts famous also abroad, are all in this museum, particularly suitable for families for an exciting experience, infused with their incredible enthusiasm.


8. Museo Casa Porfido - Albiano

A visit to Casa Porfido means learning about history and tradition. It is the universe of the Porfido Trentino, a stone used in architecture for decorating houses, as well as for paving streets and squares all over the world.

Sito Archeologico Acqua Fredda Redebus

Parco Miniere Lagorai - Geotrekking

Continue your journey with Geotrekking, treks designed to discover the geological landscapes of the Park:

  • the ancient quarries of Rosso Trento on the hill of Trento and the morphosculptures and karst in Vigolana,
  • the excavated landscape of the porphyry quarries of Albiano and the uncontaminated area of the Alta Via del Porfido.

When visiting areas of geological interest, an excursion to the Centa valley river park is a must to enjoy an incredibly beautiful deposit and discover the small gem of the Valimpach waterfalls .