Mine Park Lagorai - the Board

A Geopark is a well-defined area of sufficient size to contribute to the sustainable development of a local economy. It includes geological sites and geotopes that testify to the history of the planet and the evolution of the landscape over time. It may include archaeological, historical or other sites, both cultural and scientific. The sites must be connected and have the same aims of conservation and valorisation of their resources. It is paramount that the local population, the public and private bodies involved support it and guarantee its existence. It is in this perspective that the Alta Valsugana and Bersntol Mining Park aims to be recognized as a Geopark. The sites that compose it illustrate the natural processes that have shaped a unique land. Mines, thermalism and underground environments are only some of the geological beauties of this area. Here culture, nature and entertainment come together to offer a unique tourist attraction. In Trentino the only Geopark so far recognized by the EGN (European Geopark Network) and by the GNN (UNESCO Global Geoparks Network) is the Adamello Brenta Geopark (ABG).
Mine Park Lagorai - History

The Board

  • Presidente: Mauro Stulzer
  • Vice-Presidente: Giorgio Zampedri
  • Museo delle Miniere di Vignola: Mauro Stulzer
  • Distretto Minerario di Pergine: Elisa Bortolamedi
  • Miniera di Calceranica: Carlo Martinelli
  • Museo Pietra Viva: Mario Pallaoro
  • Ecomuseo Argentario: Ivan Pintarelli
  • Montesei di Serso: Luisa Moser
  • Museo e Miniera di Palù: Ingrid Petri Anderle
  • Sito Archeologico Acqua Fredda Redebus: Luisa Moser