The Councils of the Mine Park Lagorai


The town, in German Walzburg-Falisen, has 162 inhabitants and takes its name from the villages that compose it. At one time the Mòchena language was widespread.
The name comes from the Latin "vineola", a small vineyard; the toponym Falesina derives from a pre-Latin name of obscure meaning.

The municipality hosts an important point of interest: La Miniera di Vignola, a large mining area on the southern slope Panarotta/Cima del Monte Orno up to the village of Vignola.
As well as the Menegol Mine there is a further medieval mining site in Compet.

Going down towards the valley, there is the outcrop of the mineralized vein on the top of Mount Orno, the Meterbis Mine and the Rap mine, both extraction areas of historical interest.