The Councils of the Mine Park Lagorai


The town has 1463 inhabitants and the municipal seat is in the small town of Scancio. The settlement area dates back to the Neolithic period and its name derives from the Roman toponym "Praedium Secundianum". In the Middle Ages, the castle was the political and administrative centre of the district, gradually becoming the Trentino and Tyrolean bishopric, up to the 16th century with the barons in Prato.
The castle of Segonzano was painted in 1495 by Albrecht Dürer.
A famous event in the small town of Piazzo is the battle of Segonzano, fought on November 2, 1796 between the imperial and Napoleonic armies.

Of extraordinary scientific interest and a touristic attraction are the Pyramids of Segonzano, imposing and spectacular rocks formed by erosion on the right hand side of Val di Regnana which can be accessed through organized and well-maintained paths and a wooden and steel terrace that allows visitors an extremely close look at the rocks