The Councils of the Mine Park Lagorai


The town of Sant’Orsola Terme (in Mòcheno language Oachpergh), has 1098 inhabitants. Capital of the Valle dei Mocheni, it is located on the right bank of the Fersina stream and comprises the towns of Sant’Orsola and Mala, as well as several farms scattered on the north-eastern side of Monte Costalta.

German settlers were the first to inhabit the valley around the year 1000. Among the most interesting monuments is the church of Sant’Orsola, built in 1408. To the north is the Redebus pass, a prehistoric archaeological site with a remarkable foundry dating back to the Bronze Age.

The area is known for its thermal waters (mineralized arsenical ferruginous): often mining was aimed at channelling mineralized water, such as in the case of the mine in Val Pegara.

In the area there is also the already mentioned Cava di Costalta an example of one of the first mines for the extraction of porphyry.