The Councils of the Mine Park Lagorai


This renowned thermal location today has a population of 2,888. The municipality is characterised by a large altitudinal range between the 392 metres of the valley bed along the Brenta to the 2,381 metres of the Gronlait, on the ridge that separates the basin of the Adige from that of the Brenta.

Another particular characteristic is the dense presence of farmsteads - there are 44 of them! The famous therapeutic waters with their high arsenic and iron content - very popular at the beginning of the 20th century - flowed from Mount Sant’Osvaldo where the church of the same name stands.

Of great importance is Cinque Valli, a mountainous basin to the left of the Rio Argento, on the eastern slopes of Mount Fravort, near the Erterle shelter, where many mines were founded in the XVI-XVII centuries and abandoned towards the mid-1800s, where silver, lead, zinc materials, pyrite, fluorite and quartz were extracted.

They were also used for extracting barite in the mining tunnel of Mount Zaccon, which today unfortunately is no longer open to visitors