The Councils of the Mine Park Lagorai


A Mocheno municipality located at 1,360 metres above sea level with a population of 165. It encompasses a number of small centres and its Town Hall is found in Lenza: another is named Canòpi - after the mining activities. The name Palù comes from "palus", meaning swampy area: the place is mentioned as early as 1293 when the area was subject to consistent human inhabitation and the lands were drained and used for cultivation. The beginning of the XVI century saw a large immigration of miners (canopi) coming mainly from Bohemia, attracted by the rich mining opportunities in the area. For this reason, the area is of extraordinary mineral and historical interest. There are numerous sites and the historical relationship with the world of extraction that marked the life of the area throughout the centuries is still strong. The most noteworthy places include the medieval mine Gruab va Hardimbl, near the Erdemolo Farmstead. This tunnel and relative landfill are today set up as a museum. Additionally, the ruins of the Rock Glacier near the Sette Selle shelter and the Erdemolo mine, to the hydrographical right of the Torrente Fersina, near Lake Erdemolo.