The Councils of the Mine Park Lagorai


This municipality - of Mocheno language and culture - has a population of 385. It includes Roveda (Oachlait), located at 1,049 metres above sea level. The village’s Italian name comes from "fratta" meaning a deforested and ploughed field, similar to the Mocheno name meaning "novale", or rather "land to be cultivated".
Roveda, on the other hand, calls to mind the presence of oak trees, just like the Mocheno name.

The splendid Valle dei Mocheni is a highly active mining area. It is home to the Miniera della Tingherla, a mining tunnel located, in fact, in Tingherla, near the Tinglerhof Farmstead: an area of certain touristic interest.

There is also the Mineraria dei Cento Pozzi, a prehistoric area with evidence of surface-mining cultivations and furnaces.

Despite not being strictly geological in character, the Cascata del Rio Rigolor is a real tourist attraction. This impressive waterfall can be found near Kamauz.