The Councils of the Mine Park Lagorai


The council of Val dei Mocheni has a population of 478. The name comes from the Latin "flos", flower: in fact, Mount "Floruci" was mentioned in 1324. The council is divided into San Francesco or Fierozzo di Fuori (Ausservlarotz) and San Felice or Fierozzo di Dentro (Innervlarotz) which is where the Town Hall is located. The settlement is sparse, on the slopes of the Mounts Fravort and Gronlait, just like Frassilongo and Palù. The village is located on the left slope of the Valle dei Mocheni, immersed in the Valley’s mining area, with the Aubis mine (in Frassilongo), the Rio Prigel mine, and the Ocra mine, near the Segheria Veneziana Sog van Rindel.