The Councils of the Mine Park Lagorai


The main centre of the Piné Plateau, this council has a population of 5,045 and is part of the Comunità Alta Valsugana e Bernstol. First mentioned in a document from 1160, the parish was constituted by a Magnifica Comunità: in the 1300s, the town saw the arrival of a large German settlement on the slopes of Mount Costalta. One of the most important places of interest can be found in Montagnaga: the Santuario della Comparsa built in the 18th century on the place in which the Madonna appeared to the shepherdess Domenica Targa. The area is famous for being the first site of porphyry extraction, which doubtless had a huge impact on the economy of the entire area, especially towards the Valle di Cembra. To start with, the ancient Porfido (porphyry) quarry on the top of Mount Costalta, on the Baselga di Piné slope. On the other hand, mining activities in the Gril mine and the Erla mine in Trotte, Faida di Piné, were of less importance.