The Councils of the Mine Park Lagorai


This vast municipality boasts a population of 4,974 and its capital is Vigolo Vattaro, in the Community of the Valsugana-Bernstol, in the autonomous province of Trento. The council was founded in 2015 from the merging of the former councils of Bosentino, Centa San Nicolò, Vattaro and Vigolo Vattaro. The ancient inhabited area is located on the road leading from Valsugana to the Valle dell’Adige; in Vigolo Vattaro you cannot miss the church of San Giorgio, with its paleo-Christian bas-relief dating to the VII century.

The Vigolana area is characterised by a series of sites of historical and geological interest.
One of these is without a doubt the great Karst Area which is found on the summit of the eastern slope of Mount Vigolana. The same is true for the karst subterraneous cavity located on the top of the mount and which is known as the Bosentino Abyss.

Still in the karst area, another subterraneous cavity known as Grotta degli Stambecchi has features of geological interest, as does the Grotta Ryobiloch. A visit to the Cava Spilech is mandatory: an ancient brucite marble quarry found on the southern slope of Mount Spilech near the Casarota shelter.

Still in the area of ancient grottoes, but not of any actual tourist interest, the Cava al Poster, in the Poster Farmstead in Valle di Centa, is again of brucite marble. Doubtlessly an important tourist destination is the site known as the Madonnina, made up of the Guglia del Frate and the rocky pinnacle known as, in fact, the Madonnina: two spectacular morpho-sculptures of the carbonate Vigolana massif. Another quarry site is the Cros del Sindech, again in brucite marble.