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Museo Casa Porfido - Albiano
A visit to Casa Porfido means learning about history and tradition. It is the universe of the Porfido Trentino, a stone used in architecture for decorating houses, as well as for paving streets and squares all over the world: from Bolzano to Palermo, from New York to Sydney, from Tunis to Frankfurt, from the Arab Emirates to Japan. Porphyry has exported Trento to both hemispheres. Casa Porfido opens the doors of time, showing its visitors the origins of porphyry and the people that with hard work and passion have transformed it into a centuries-old tradition of extraction, processing and use, handed down from father to son. Not only history and tradition, but also technology and innovation; in fact, thanks to interactive panels and multimedia supports, visitors interact with the contents of the museum: from the geological history of the Earth and the Valle di Cembra to the extraction and processing of porphyry, from the laying of the material to the restoration of abandoned areas.