Le Porte del Parco Miniere Lagorai


Area archeologica Montesei di Serso
Trentino has always been a land of frontiers and of alternating different populations. The ancient tribes of the Reti have left traces of prehistoric human presence in the Trentino area probably as early as the end of the III millennium BC. In 1962, excavations began on the Montesei di Serso, two hills slightly over 600 meters above sea level at the mouth of the Valle dei Mocheni, thanks to the researcher Renato Perini, which brought to light prehistoric and protohistoric finds, many of which are currently exhibited in the Muse in Trento. In the site are still visible the foundations of four houses arranged in a checkerboard pattern, dating back to between 450 and 100 BC. Parts of the remains of the houses are iron furnishings, bronze ornaments, pottery fragments and deer bones with alphabetiform inscriptions. Charred beams and objects which have melted at high temperatures are the signs of terrible fires from which the inhabitants of Montesei had to flee.