Le Porte del Parco Miniere Lagorai


Area archeologica Acqua Fredda
At 1440 metres above sea level between the Pinè Plateau and the Valle dei Mocheni the Porta del Parco is always open. Discovered in 1979, it is one of the highest archaeological areas in Europe and it is considered one of the most important prehistoric foundries in the Alps. The furnaces were active between the 13th and 11th centuries BC for the extraction of copper, a very difficult process because the mineral was not in its pure state. Metalworkers, perhaps more than the miners, heavily exploited the mountain because their ovens needed lumber from whole slopes to reach the 1200 C° they needed to extract the minerals. It is an open-air museum with educational workshops showing the phases of melting and there are modern metalworkers creating tools. Through the craftsmanship of each tool we can discover all the hard work of ancient people and retrace their evolutionary history.